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Fic: Slightly more complicated than that [Ari, Eric/Vince; R]

Title: Slightly more complicated than that
Author: black_eyedgirl
Characters/Pairing: Ari POV, Eric/Vince, everybody else (some canon het)
Rating/Warnings: R/NC-17 (lots of swearing, implied sex but nothing on screen. Pot-smoking, some drinking, gambling. Past imprisonment.)
Length: 10,700 words
Spoilers: Characters through S5.
Summary: There are three rules of con-artistry. Ari wishes Eric Murphy and Vince Chase would stop taking such delight in breaking them, at least when he's helping them pull the job.
Prompt 56: Thieves like Us-Guys as cat burglars, art thieves, the Sting like con-men, the Leverage guys or what have you. Basically anything slick that involves planning and skill, with them as 'good' guys or unrepentant, unpunished bad guys.
AN: Anything that looks like it came from Ocean's 11 almost certainly did. (Like the title, for example)

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Tags: round 2
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