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Fic: Illicit Exploits of an LA Rentboy Entry 141-151/151 (Entourage, NC-17, Vince/E, Vince/Others)

Title: Illicit Exploits of an LA Rentboy
Entries: 141-151 of 151
Status: Complete
Fandom: Entourage
Word Count:~4,800
Disclaimer: I don't own Entourage or anyone who has ever appeared on it.
Pairing: Vince/Eric, Vince/Pretty much everyone else except Turtle, Johnny, and the Golds (seriously)
Rating: NC-17 for lots and lots of sex
Warnings: AU, prostitution, mentions of past childhood physical abuse, BDSM, gay sex, straight sex, group sex, rape fantasy, fisting, wax play, a foot fetishist, mentions of daddy-kink, extremely brief mention of watersports. If any of the particular warnings are squicks for you, send me a private message and I'll tell you which entry to avoid!
Betas and helpers: guest_age, justabi, allyndra, ariadne83, pesha and deepad were all completely indispensable. Thank you so much.
Authors Notes: This inspired by Belle de Jour's blog/books/TV series but doesnt crossover in anyway. But it is a hookerfic so I know there are a lot of warnings but I hope you guys will give it a try anyway. Minor characters from canon have links to their pictures if you need a reminder. This fic is complete, and I will be posting a coda/epilogue tomorrow.

Summary: Entries from the private journal of Vincent Chase, a high paid male escort living in Los Angeles.

Entry 1-20
Entry 21-40
Entry 41-55
Entry 56-58
Entry 59-70
Entry 71-85
Entry 86-105
Entry 106-120
Entry 121-126
Entry 127-140

“Hey douchebag, you're too pretty for basketball, go try a school play!”
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