Ceares (ceares) wrote in entourage_fest,

You Must Remember This (1/1) V/E

Title:You Must Remember This
Pairing: Vince/Eric
Warnings:Spoilers through season five. Cliche fictional amnesia
Notes: Thanks to Lindsey and Felicia as always. Thanks to dancinbutterfly for the fest, and the extensions *g*. OMG! I get to read now! yay!
Prompt:130)Vince is suffering from amnesia following an accident. He puts the clues together-how protective E is, E moving across the country for him, the fact that they live and work together, the way everyone refers to them as the most important person in each others lives and comes to the obvious conclusion that they must be lovers. E reluctantly agrees not to correct him out of fear of causing more damage. Wacky hijinks ensue.

You Must Remember This
Tags: round 2
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